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Finding chemicals in the USA

American Chemical Suppliers Database is a powerful procurement tool, helping users easily find products and suppliers. It was born out of the difficulties of finding chemicals in the USA, who sells them and prices.

We have numerous stories of searching internationally for products – only to find they were already available from local chemical companies.

When you search the internet for products – not all every suppliers websites will rate highly enough for their products to be found. American Chemical Suppliers does, and then directs you to the companies that can help.

Companies that don’t have websites, also have their products included in our list of chemical suppliers in the USA.

Easily find products and their suppliers

If you’re searching for a chemical – try our database. This is the place to find the American suppliers of the chemicals or services you are looking for.

Many chemicals are known by multiple names, have various company trade names and have variations of spellings. This database enables chemicals to be listed by all the names they are known by. Most chemicals can also be searched by use, ie “dough conditioner” or “dissolve scale”, or by their active ingredients.

Once you find a product, you can use the ’Where to buy" link to contact the supplier directly for more information or to purchase. You can also send a “Quick inquiry” to the supplier or view more of the “Suppliers range”.

Need help to find a product in the USA?

View our list on American chemical companies. If you’re having trouble finding a product using the search box, try our search tips and categories or contact us and we’ll try and help.

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