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Our online database differs from anything else available as it is designed to help internet users find products or services.

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This database is a powerful tool for businesses trying to source products locally. Isn’t it easier when new customer enquiries come to you?

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Within our database you have the ability to provide searchers with more information than just your products name.

Our system allows you to list your products under common names, synonyms, different spellings, trade names and product uses. All of these increase the likelihood of your product being found.

Potential customer can go directly to your website for more information, view your product range or send you a “Quick inquiry” by email.

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You’ll be surprised how easy it is for us to list your products or services. You don’t need a website but you do need a genuine US presence. For more information contact us or email info@americanchemicalsuppliers.com. Subject: USCS supplier inquiry

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